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Summer Sale!

[Owner] melidian a posted Jun 30, 13
Summer Sale!

Want a donation rank but can't afford one?
Well right now we're having a Summer Sale making all prices %25 off!

Lasts June 29 - July 7

New Prices
God Rank - $18.75 USD
Legend Rank - $15.00 USD
VIP - $11.25 USD
EliteDonor - $7.50 USD
Donator - $3.75 USD

Lets be honest the server is struggling with funds we need to raise just $7 to keep it for the next month.
I would really appreciate it for any amount of money you could donate.
NilsR95 Mel i am srry, i dont have the money to donate now
NilsR95 ofc, this was one of the best servers before and i hope it will agen.
[Owner] melidian a If you do it will be very appreciated thank you for at least considering it.

Server's Back Up!

[Owner] melidian a posted Jun 20, 13
As anyone should know the server was down for about 4 hours this was because we had some so called hackers take over the server and delete all plugins and grief our world. But during those 4 hours of downtime I uploaded a backup map from the night before. So I'm sorry to say that you may not have the correct rank, no money, and anything you built after that backup was made will probably not be there.
I hope you get back on though and enjoy the server.

- melidian
XtReMe PvP is reopening!

A fan of our old server decided to donate so we could start the server together.

So far on the server we have gotten all the plugins put in and ranks but we still haven't build stuff yet such as the spawn and shop.

People are allowed to join the server but we won't have much done yet but keep on coming back because we're gonna make this even better than we did before!

The server is cracked again so non premium players may join to. :)


- melidian
[Mod+] Rainbow Dash DC REALLY! THIS IS EPIC *dies*
HEROBRINE I registered for member rank